Citizen Learning Academy is a state-certified nonpublic school (K-12).

Our Mission
To successfully serve the growing Special Education needs of students
in Los Angeles, Inglewood, and surrounding areas because every student counts.  We want each student to become a self-motivated, self-sufficient, and responsible citizen.

Our Class Motto
"Be The Best You Can Be"

A Message From Our Director
As you read about Citizen Learning Academy, I'm sure you will recognize
that we are an exemplary institution of learning.  We provide an environment that is conducive to learning coupled with love, dedication, and commitment.
What Makes Us Different:
  Our pen pal program in which students converse with pen pals in
   other countries
  Students receive piano and music lessons from a professional music
  Field trips, both educational and entertaining, are planned for students    
  Our CLA store where students can shop for a variety of gifts with points
   that they have earned.  This is one part of our academic-focused
   rewards program
  Students have a hobby of collecting states' quarters which is also part
   of our rewards program
  Students are learning sign language
  Our "Book of the Month", "Country of the Month" and "Theme of the
   Month" programs



Current News and Events

  School starts on Tuesday, September 5, 2006



Citizen Learning Academy      6715 South Western Avenue      Los Angeles, CA 90047

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